Scaling VDI Environments Efficiently with Microsoft eCDN

Learn about Microsoft eCDN, VDI, and how corporations can use these tools to optimize their networks.

Virtually “in Spain”

This is an article about our intern, Paige Smoley’s, experience working with us remotelly.

5 font combinations that will transform your branding

Quick tips for effectively combining fonts into a cohesive brand identity.

What is the value of rebranding?

A rebrand can breathe fresh air into a stale corporate image. Take a look at these 3 ways rebranding can reinvigorate a company at all levels.

How has connectivity to the internet changed consumers’ expectations?

As a brand, how do you compete and win the attention of your consumer when everything is at their fingertips and causing distractions?

Should you compare your product to competitors? A quick guide on comparative advertising.

By Grace Colvin You have a product. It’s great but no one knows it exists. You want to make some noise. You want to get the word out. One of the most tempting ways to garner clicks and attention is to take on a well-known brand through comparative advertising. If it works, you’ve made your…
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Mi experiencia con Cybernéticos

Mi nombre es Josh Bergen y soy el Director de Marketing de Xross Connect. A veces nos preguntáis qué herramientas usamos en nuestro día a día en la oficina, qué apps llevamos en el móvil o cuáles son nuestros proveedores de confianza. Hoy me gustaría compartir con vosotros nuestra experiencia como usuarios de Cybernéticos, un…
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Managing a Potential Customer’s First Impression

4-Part Blog Series: Part 1 of 4 — Breaking Ground on a Quality Website They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Knowing this, large retail chains and manufacturers spend untold billions of dollars every year on advertising campaigns that promote little more than a corporate image in order to…
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Settling In (at Home) with Updates on the Streaming Market and some WFH Tips

I’m starting week seven of the stay-at-home lockdown here in Spain only now having enough head space to put my 2 cents together on the page regarding WFH (working from home) and what these coronavirus times mean for the streaming business. I was so busy the first four weeks of this lockdown – I think in part because…
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¿Qué es WordPress?

¿Qué es WordPress? Esta es una de las preguntas más frecuentes entre nuestros clientes a la hora de hablar sobre este servicio de cara a su implantación en el proyecto. ¿Qué es WordPress? ¿Qué podemos conseguir con el? ¿Porqué debo elegir esta plataforma frente a otras? ¿Cuál es su nivel de dificultad y mantenimiento? ¿Es…
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