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Xross Connect is a boutique sales, marketing, and management services provider with an office in southwestern Europe. The company is dedicated to growing technology companies looking to accelerate sales and strategy while going international. 

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Our Team

Managing Principal


Lawton is originally from the Washington, D.C. area (USA) and has been living in Seville, Spain since 2004. He founded Xross Connect in 2010 and is presently committing most of his consultation to Vualto, Peer5, and Ceeblue providing them with account management, sales, and strategy services as these companies expand their businesses in the online broadcasting and enterprise streaming markets in Europe and Latin America. Lawton previously dedicated most of his consultation to LeaseWeb, a large European cloud and infrastructure provider, where he led various sales and strategy initiatives in Europe and the United States. Lawton holds an MBA from Fordham University and a BA from the University of Wisconsin. He is highly fluent in Spanish.



Josh, who is from the San Francisco Bay Area (USA), has been living in Seville, Spain since 1999 and joined Xross Connect in 2017 to focus on strategy, prospecting, and content marketing for clients. His current focus is on launching Ceeblue. Josh has worked in the technology and technology retail sectors in Spain for over a decade, having helped expand a franchise to 5 locations and manage a staff of over 70 in the southwestern region. He has also translated multiple technical research papers from Spanish to English. Josh is an alumnus of Northwestern University and the Universidad de Sevilla. He speaks Spanish with full fluency.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I had the opportunity to work with Lawton in the same team for 3 years, where he pitched, won and managed the most valued accounts. A clear vision and deep insight of the technology matched together with an honest approach made it easy to deliver to our customers. For the technical lead it’s key to promise what can be delivered and Lawton did just that, paying close attention to the road-map and providing valuable feedback; this approach allowed the team to deliver more value and relevant features. On the personal side it’s easy to bond with Lawton; his personal skills and personality make personal and professional relations productive and lasting.

Pedro M. S. Oliveira

Chief Architect at LeaseWeb CDN

We initially contracted Xross Connect for outbound sales initiatives. But over the past four years, they have also taken on responsibilities for Strategic Account Management, Partnership Management, and are even in-effect our outsourced Marketing Department – Xross Connect have become all around invaluable business allies and friends. We are very happy that Lawton and Josh will continue to support us during the next phase of Peer5’s evolution, as we merge with and bring value to Microsoft’s Corporate Communications Solutions.

Hadar Weiss

Group Manager (Peer5) at Microsoft

Xross Connect has a unique knack for spotting the gap and filling it. From pitching new prospects to superior account management to insights regarding pricing or strategy. They really understand the video space and are business-orientated, not salesy. They tie together the reality of the roadmap with the customer’s needs. They are efficient, organized, reliable and trustworthy.

Camilla Young

SVP Broadcast Services at JW Player

Sales Services


Xross Connect can manage the sales process all the way from engagement with your prioritized prospects through the integration of your products to contract negotiation and closing.


We will take the customer along their journey by means of regular cadence calls. The final paperwork and receivables / renewals can all be taken care of by Xross Connect. In addition, we will strive to create upselling opportunities and new revenue streams for your existing accounts.


We make use of our network of industry contacts, market research, access to leading international technology conventions, e-mail marketing, and cold-calling to build a database of qualified leads to give shape to your market universe.

Services Menu

Product Marketing

-Website framing
-English editing

Strategy / Prospecting

-Market Universe definition
-Customer DMU identification
-Email campaigns
-LinkedIn campaigns
-Cold Calling

Account Management

-Final contracting
-1st Level Ticket Support
-General Ombudsmanship
-Account Growth/Upselling
-Cadence Calls/Customer Care

Corporate Marketing

-Press Releases,
-Native English editing
-Product Packaging

Content Marketing

-e-mail update campaigns
-LinkedIn / Twitter initiatives
-Case studies/Use cases
-Website development 
-Adwords campaigns


-CRM Management and Maintenance
-Conferences / Presentations
-Partner Programs and Channel Management,
-General Negotiations
-New Country market entry
-Tender Proposals

Sales Management




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Xross Connect has a flexible approach to compensation. We charge for services under a combination of a set fee, commissions, and equity/stock options to fit clients’ requirements and respective business evolution. For further details or a personalized quote, please contact us using the contact form below.

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