My Time at Xross Connect

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already come to my last week in the Xross Connect office. It was only two short months ago that I arrived in Seville, Spain and in what feels like no time, I am already getting ready to come home. Soon, I’ll be leaving Seville which I’ve grown to know and love, back to where I grew up in Michigan (USA) to spend time with friends and family and then back to Madison, Wisconsin. There I’ll be a rising third-year student at The University of Wisconsin studying Economics and Psychology and minoring in Sustainability and Public Policy.

What I Learned

This summer, I had the opportunity to grow many skills through my work with Xross Connect and living in Seville. Through my time here, I enjoyed getting to know and learning from the Xross Connect team while having the opportunity to work on their brand as well as do client research and improve the messaging on various platforms for their clients. 

As an Economics and Psychology student, I was most interested in this internship to work on data analysis and to learn about work cultures in different places. While there were many chances to look at data and engage in client work this summer, what struck me most was learning about different companies around the world.

I had the chance to engage with people and companies in all parts of the world

With Xross Connect, I had the chance to engage with people and companies in all parts of the world. While most of our work is done in English at Xross Connect, both living and working in Seville gave me the chance to improve my Spanish-speaking skills and learn practical Spanish skills in the workplace and in everyday life. Aside from practicing Spanish, having the opportunity to witness meetings with clients from across the world allowed me to see the cultural competency, logistical planning, and technical knowledge that allows international businesses to flourish. 

From a technical standpoint, I practiced my writing and research skills outside of academics and explored different types of professional writing to craft mission statements, writing social media posts, remote collaborations and conducting interviews to write blogs. In these projects, I gained more practical experience and in doing client research, I learned how to adapt my strategies in prospecting to the needs of different clients. Specifically in the industry, I learned how start-ups are valued through different methods and how Xross Connect services are priced to be transparent and tailored to each client’s needs.

Moving forward

As I leave Xross Connect and prepare to go back home, there are many lessons and new aspirations that I’ll be taking with me. The most immediate is to continue to improve my Spanish as I saw first-hand how important it is to know multiple languages in the international market and in life outside of the United States. While living in Seville helped me improve my Spanish, I want to continue practicing whenever I get the opportunity, whether that is attending a Spanish club at my University or reading books or watching shows in Spanish. 

Additionally, this summer has opened my eyes to having more experiences abroad and hopefully working abroad in the future. While I do not know exactly where I would like to work, I feel more open to the possibility of moving abroad permanently after this summer.

In Summary

Living and working in Seville this summer was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone. I think our passions in work exist outside of comfort zones and across the world and having this experience in college is not one I will forget. While I strive to figure out my career, I hope to explore new places and meet more wonderful people like those I got to know at Xross Connect this summer. Xross Connect excels in their industry of consulting but as people they are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and kind. I was lucky to get to know the work this company does and the people on the Xross Connect team.