What is the value of rebranding?

By Grace Colvin

In a world where trends are constantly changing, it can be hard to make sure your brand remains relevant. Customer expectations, social norms, technologies, and market trends are always changing – making it hard to maintain a modern image. 

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. A brand tells a story to your clients and communicates the value you bring to the table. It’s worth investing in your brand and allowing your story to evolve to fit consumers’ tastes and expectations today. Rebranding can be a challenge, but the reward is great. 

As humans, we naturally shy away from change, which can make the process of rebranding intimidating. However, as the great greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Although change incites a bit of fear, it’s essential to make sure your brand represents what your company can offer. Afterall, your company is constantly improving and refining its abilities. Your branding should do the same. 

Here are 3 of the most important benefits rebranding can offer:

  1. Refresh the perception of your business

Modernizing your image is one of the biggest reasons to rebrand. Outdated branding can have a negative impact on your business. Design trends play a large role in how different fonts, colors, and shapes are perceived. Ensuring that your design is modern will allow your business to stand out for all the right reasons and none of the wrong ones. 

  1. Improve the bottom line

Your brand has intrinsic value. Taking the time to curate it and develop it properly will pay off in the long run. Successful brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and Google have worked hard to cultivate a specific image and this has led to brand recognition and financial success. 

  1. Set yourself apart from the competition

As your business grows, rebranding can distinguish your business from competitors who offer similar products or services. A great bread can show potential clients that your offering is unique, and that you’re an expert in the industry.

Thinking that rebranding is right for your business? A rebrand could be as simple as tweaking a logo in favor of something more modern, or a larger project involving all marketing material offline and online. 

At Xross Connect, we often assist our clients in rebranding. Connect with us to schedule a conversation to learn how we can help achieve your rebranding goals.