Xross Connect: How We Build Value For Your Company


If the forty-two services listed in the Services Menu on our website failed to paint a clear picture of what our company can specifically provide yours, then this blog entry is for you. Here we will break down the different roles our experienced team can play for both burgeoning start-ups as well as for already-established companies.


Xross Connect’s driving purpose is to help inventors, creators, and technologists to flesh out all aspects of the business side of building up a company. If you have created a minimum viable product (MVP), or are near to finalizing a prototype, be it a device or software, we can guide you along the path toward establishing your company in the market of your choice — first by registering your company and patenting your product, then by building strategic partnerships, refining and executing marketing campaigns, and ramping up actual sales. 

If you are just starting out and have yet to create a reliable revenue stream, we can step in to round out your management team and develop your sales and marketing plan and get your company’s real-world market momentum going. 

Small / Medium Businesses (SMBs)

If your company is registered, and your product already patented, but sales aren’t taking off, or if you’re having difficulty breaking into a particular market, we can grow your sales by filling a variety of roles, from language services or account management for your existing customers to being your corporate sales reps in a given region, using the extensive network of industry contacts we’ve built up over the past two decades to establish the strategic relationships necessary to break into the markets of your choice—Europe, Latin America, North America, and beyond.

Are you a German company looking to gain access to Latin American markets? Are you an American company looking to have feet on the ground in Europe? Do your sales and marketing plan and your market universe need to be adapted to each individual market in which you plan to sell your product?

We can do all this and more.

We will represent your company and suss out opportunities at any of the many international technology conferences we attend across both Europe and the U.S. every year.

We will also help you set up a CRM if you don’t already use one or flesh out your existing CRM. Our research-based marketing campaigns will extend the reach of your marketing efforts into any market you choose.

Account Management Services

Once your prospects have been engaged, we can take care of nearly all aspects of account management, from organizing proof of concepts (PoCs), integrating your products into your customer’s existing platforms, to contract negotiation and finally closing.

But our job doesn’t have to end there; we can also take care of the final paperwork as well as receivables and renewals. While you make sure the customer is satisfied with your product, updating and upgrading, we take care of upselling and seeking out new revenue streams from your existing customers.

This is how Xross Connect builds actual value for your company.


Lawton’s immense contact network, which he has cultivated over many years of deal-making and participation in international conventions, will allow us to immediately identify and contact directly with the decision-making unit (DMU) at a slew of target companies.

In the case that we are not currently in contact with any members of the DMU at your target company, Josh’s market-research savvy will allow us to isolate a group of hand-picked candidates that we will contact one-by-one until the decision maker has been identified and has adequately reviewed and assessed your technology solution.

Once we have defined the market universe for you, Josh will help set-up and curate a CRM specific to that market, in order to accurately track our evolution and make sure that we make continual, unflinching progress toward your company’s sales goals.


Lawton’s extensive industry experience will allow us to smoothly navigate the convoluted and often touch-and-go process of product integration and contract negotiation. We will be able to avoid the various pitfalls, hurdles, and setbacks that new, inexperienced companies tend to fall victim to. He can get the job done and keep things in motion, as he’s successfully tackled nearly all the different aspects of this process many times before.


Xross Connect’s flexible approach ensures that all of our customers, regardless of size, receive the precise help needed to boost their sales and create real, tangible value for their businesses. 

If you think we can help your bourgeoning business mature or just want further details about the services we offer, we can set up a conference call or a meeting. Take a look at our website www.xross-connect.com and drop us a line using the contact form. We are available through WhatsApp, iMessage, LinkedIn, e-mail, Zoom, Skype, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you!