Internship Program

Here at Xross Connect, we are fortunate to have developed a great partnership with the International Intern Program (IIP) at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This partnership has connected us with many great undergraduate interns who have worked with us both remotely and in our Seville office. We look forward to continuing our internship program and are grateful for our partners at University of Wisconsin-Madison for their support.

Interested University of Wisconsin students can learn more here:

Caroline Krell (Summer 2023)

Sarah McCallon (Fall 2022)

Erica Hayden (Spring 2022)

Cami Spellman (Summer 2021)

Grace C. (Spring 2021)

Sandy T. (Fall 2020)

Emmanuel Carreño (Summer 2023)

Paige Smoley (Summer 2022)

Kristina Popovic (Summer 2021)

Julia Wojtach-Rytel (Spring 2021)

Jack Saundercook (Fall 2020)